Monday, September 22, 2008

The Pacific Northwest HSP Network

Part of the process of "connecting," as HSPs involves local involvement.

It's one thing to read a book, or read a blog like this one, or even join a worldwide web group for HSPs-- but to really get connected requires us to take steps on a local level; to discover and meet the other HSPs who live in our back yard.

Although general awareness of the HSP trait has grown tremendously over the past decade, there are still relatively few resources at the local/regional level.

The Pacific Northwest HSP Network is ONE attempt at bringing together HSPs in a geographical area. It was created as an online group for HSPs in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Idaho and Alaska, with the goal of being a regional "social network" for HSPs, as well as a "jump off point" for members to form local face-to-face groups.

Membership is "by approval," to maintain an "HSP safe" enviroment. Check out their web site and join, if you live in that part of the world!

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