Saturday, August 07, 2004

Creating an Austin HSP MeetUp Group!

When Elaine Aron was here in Austin, we talked a little bit about support groups for HSPs.

Whereas Elaine is all in favor of HSPs connecting with other HSPs and helping each other in an understanding environment — peer counseling — she said that she has never started any groups because it would represent a "conflict of interests."

She also said she couldn't really "endorse" groups, formally. However, she certainly encouraged me to do something for local HSPs.

Some of us who attended her workshop at The Crossings talked about how nice it would be to have a group. Of course, nobody's really all that keen on being the person in charge.

I brought up the idea of using the website to facilitate things, since it is precisely designed as a sort of networking that allows people to go online to create connections offline. I know at least Jennifer and Serenity are interested in participating.

We'll see what happens. In my experience with HSPs and groups (online), there's a long distance between liking an idea and being part of something.

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