Monday, July 16, 2012

HSPs & Healing: 2012 White Light Express Conference

Taking a slight departure from my usual style of content today to talk a bit about something that's actually an interesting opportunity for HSPs.

Inspired in part my friend and fellow HSP blogger H.Elizabeth's recent post about choices, values and being true to ourselves, I came to realize that I don't often post about "personal projects" and things going on in my life on these pages... even though they are, in their own way, a representation of "an HSP's life," which is what "HSP Notes" is all about.

Those of you who visit from Facebook may have noticed that I have had an "unusual" cover photo on my page there, so here's a bit of an explanation of that: My wife-- who's also an HSP-- co-founded an organization called The White Light Express back in the spring of 2000. Here's an excerpt of its mission statement:
The Ultimate Goal of the White Light Express is to create a directory and healing center created by Spirit and directed by Spirit for those who are seeking clear and honest answers to their soul path, life purpose and issues with healing the Mind. The Body. The Spirit. Those who are brought to the White Light Express for healing will be gently advised and guided by a professional, spiritual team of deeply connected friends for your maximum health and benefit.
This year, The White Light Express is hosting it's first Annual Conference. These conferences are intended to offer a space where healers and teachers, and those seeking healing and learning can come together for workshops, fellowship and more, in a peaceful, sensitive, healing and non-judgmental setting.

This inaugural two-day event will take place in Port Townsend, Washington, on August 17-18, 2012. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful this time of the year, and the two presenters are exceptional teachers and healers whose workshops are very well suited for HSPs. Both as an HSP, and as co-organizer of the event, I encourage you to consider a visit here for this event. To learn more, please visit the web site:

I'd also like to invite you visit and "like" the White Light Express Facebook page to learn more and to get updates about future White Light Express events.

We are starting on a modest scale, but hope to turn these annual conferences into major events with teachers and healers from many fields. Our home-- Port Townsend-- is in a smaller town that happens to be blessed with a world class retreat center.

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