The HSP Notes web site, HSP Connections, a dozen online groups and all articles available through this web site are free for all visitors.

However, writing about Highly Sensitive Persons and promoting "HSP awareness" is not my job, and has almost nothing to do with how I earn a living. This is almost exclusively a "labor of love" I undertake because I am (as many HSPs are!) an idealist who believes that the more people are aware of the trait, the better off we all are.

Sadly operating these web sites and blogs is NOT free. Whereas the thousands of hours I spend (aka "sweat equity") with the global HSP community are free, things like server space, domain hosting, ad-free forum memberships and related expenses are not... all told, it now costs close to $800 a year to "keep the lights turned on," here at HSP Notes.

YOU Can Help!

HSPs generally loathe "self promoting" and "asking for money," and I am no exception!

If you found your visit here to be of sufficient value or interest that you feel moved to make a small contribution towards helping me pay for the underlying overhead expenses, it would be greatly appreciated... it's completely voluntary, but would be much appreciated!

This request is not an attempt to "make money," it is simply a way to help defray operational cost. That's also why I have set the suggested contributions at small amounts under $10.00... or about the price of a latte from Starbucks or your local coffee shop. I am a big believer in the emerging "crowdsourcing" system, but my idealistic self is uncomfortable with the idea that someone might give an "uncomfortably large" amount (however well-intentioned) that would cause me to feel "strangely indebted" to any one individual. Hence the small fixed amount.

Thank you for your consideration!

Administrative note: Contributions are securely processed through PayPal. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to contribute, just a credit card, bank debit card or even an electronic check. Please note that the payment page will come up as "Scandinavian Stamps, Etc." That's the name of my business (aka "my day job"), which owns my PayPal account. That's also the name that will show up on your credit card/bank statement. Just wanted to clarify that.

Become a Sustaining Subscriber!

If you would like to really support HSP Notes, I invite you to become an "HSP Notes Subscriber" via my Art and Creativity Patreon Account.

I have created a special support level at just $2.00, which is less than the cost of a magazine, yet would be a great help in keeping this venture going!

In case you're wondering, the Patreon account was basically created as a support vehicle for my artwork, but Patreon isn't designed for one person to have multiple interests... so the best solution was to create a special HSP Notes subscription level.

Just click the link above to find out more!



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If you enjoyed your visit to HSP Notes and found something of value here, please consider supporting my Art and Creativity Patreon account. Although it was created primarily to generate support for my ART, there is a special $2 support level for HSP Notes readers! Look for the link in the right hand column... and thank you!