In the course of the past couple of decades, I have written numerous articles about the HSP trait. These have appeared in printed magazines, their online versions, web publications, e-zines, guest columns on blogs and more. This page will eventually contain a comprehensive list of these articles, as I endeavor to locate and link to them all. For the time being, these are just some of the articles-- I hope you find them useful!

You are welcome to link to any of these articles, from your Facebook, Blog, Tumblr, twitter or web sites-- the more people are aware of the HSP trait, the easier life becomes for all of us!

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About HSPs, in general:

The Highly Sensitive Person or HSP: What Exactly IS that? A very thorough introduction to the concept (January 2013)

The Highly Sensitive Person: An Introduction One of my first "formal" articles about the HSP trait (December 2007)

Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person From OM Times Magazine, September 2011 issue-- has become the most read article (among thousands) in the magazine's history.

About HSPs and working:

HSP Topics: Work and the Highly Sensitive Person, Part I (November 2012)

HSP Topics: Work and the Highly Sensitive Person-- Self Employment (December 2012)

HSP Topics: Work & the Highly Sensitive Person--Identifying Your Calling (January 2013)

Time Management, Work and the Highly Sensitive Person OM Times Magazine, February 2013

About Highly Sensitive Men (HSM):

HSP Topics: Understanding The Highly Sensitive Man A very detailed article about the unique challenges facing highly sensitive men (March 2013)

The Challenges of The Highly Sensitive Man A more "introductory level" article about HS Men (May 2012)

About various topics relating to the HSP experience:

HSPs and the Challenge of Friendships One of my most read articles about something that's often an issue for HSPs (December 2007)

HSP Living: Thoughts on being Highly Sensitive, a People Pleaser and a "Nice" Person (November 2012)

Reflections on my own life, as an HSP:


  1. Your words fit for me perfectly. I am so happy I discovered I am not an aberration and that being so sensitive is not a choice or a disease.
    I always felt an awkward feeling that I was different and that I do my best to change the world to a better place, to help people, to make a difference. I realized the majority of people really don't care for anything and anyone.
    Sometimes I feel as if I am an alien living in a weird world lol other times I think I am crazy, how come people can be so mean or clueless.
    I was suffering few weeks ago trying to develop a cold personality that would make me a happier person if I didn't feel things in such intensity, what a joke!!! obviously I gave up soon it's even worse to try to be cold, it's impossible and hurtful.
    I want to thank you for your blog and for sharing with everyone your experience and to say that thanks to your highly sensitivity you are helping others just like you! From my heart to you THANK YOU!

  2. HSP (me) married to ADHD husband. Joke, right?

  3. Thank you for this. Somebody somewhere seems to understand me.


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