Sunday, October 27, 2002

When Inner Wisdom meets Busy-ness

A large part of what tends to define HSPs is a deep level of empathy and intuition. But it often seems like we may have these "natural" abilities and talents-- yet they seem to be of very little use. Of course, one of the other "issues" many HSPs seem to face is that of constant overstimulation from a chaotic world. And when I am feeling frazzled, and like I am one of those little hamsters running around on the spinning wheel of life, my intuitive voice gets drowned out.

Until a very few years ago, I found that I couldn't listen to the inner wisdom because I was simply too busy running on the "treadmill of life." Much of my world was "filtered" through a high level of "practical necessity"-- whereas I do recall hearing the inner voices, I did not heed them. On top of that, there were also the the "lies(?)" I was telling myself "Yes, nice idea.... but does that have ANYthing to do with being able to pay the rent this month? Can I buy FOOD with that idea? NO, I don't THINK so! Get back to work and stop wasting time with these ridiculous flights of fancy."

I guess some of this might be related to our individual "stages" in life-- I found it particularly difficult to pay attention to the "Inner Sage" when my main concern was feeding and sheltering myself. I have also found it difficult to listen to my inner wisdom when I was in the company of people I think of as "competitive accomplishers." I felt drowned by their psychic energy. I found it much easier to be in touch with the "spiritual" once I had "reduced" certain aspects of my lifestyle to a level where my every conscious thought didn't have to revolve around the frenzy of "how do I support this?"

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