Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HSP Notes gets a Facelift

First, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone!

Some of the regular visitors to the site may notice that "things look a little different." That's because I'm in the middle of giving "HSP Notes" a major face lift, changing the site from being "just a blog" to more of an "HSP web site and information portal." It is my hope that the end result will be a web site that is much more useful to all HSPs, whether you've just learned about the trait, or consider yourself an "old timer."

The blog, itself, is not by any means going away-- I just want to add "content" that extends beyond my own musings.

Of course, "Rome" wasn't built in a day, so the process of adding (and double-checking) many links and resources for HSPs will be ongoing, during most of the month of January.

I have been meaning work on this "upgrade" this for some time. No, it's not a "New Year's Resolution." I don't really believe in those, mostly because I don't feel inclined to (as so often happens) stand around in March, beating myself up over things I failed to do. I prefer to just make "gentle suggestions" (thanks to Sarah, for that term!) as I go along, visualizing what I want to happen and moving towards that objective with intent, but without "expectations" attached.

As HSPs we often tend to be perfectionistic, and when you combine that with the "conscientiousness" that goes hand-in-hand with being highly sensitive, it's easy to end up in a place where we become too hard on ourselves, and engage in negative self-talk over what we "didn't do."

Learning to set goals, but to not become too attached to the final outcome is a great way to reduce stress.

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  1. Highly Sensitive Person.

    Wow, i was intrigued with that name haha. I wonder how 'sensitive' that 'hihg' is haha.

    :D have a nice day ahead! and have a happy new year! may this be a prosperous one for you and your family!


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