Thursday, June 22, 2006

California Gathering postscript

I felt disappointed that I did not end up going to the 5th annual Gathering in California, earlier this month. In a sense, the Gatherings have come to be like a "touchpoint to sanity" for me, in recent years. But it was not to be, as there was a contract on the house (which eventually fell through) which made it infeasible for me to leave. The event was at Walker Creek Ranch again this year, and I was looking forward to going back.

I have been waiting for feedback to arrive from some of the people who went, but have not yet heard anything. The world seems to be somewhat in upheaval these days, and it makes me wonder how the atmosphere at the Gathering might have been. These seem to be difficult days for HSPs. The world is increasingly being torn by strife and wars, and evermore aggressiveness and competitiveness seems to be the order of the day, in order for people to just make ends meet in the working life.

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