Saturday, December 15, 2007

HSP Writing

On occasion, I have alluded to the fact that I am a writer. Even though I don't really write "for a living" (meaning I don't get paid enough to actually live on), I have written many articles over the years, on the topic of being an HSP.

Alas, most of them have been scattered around an assortment of web sites and ezines. Some can still be found if you search for them, others have died with the web sites that hosted them, and yet others have just been forgotten. There are also some that are largely written, but still sit here on my computer hard drive.

I have recently been encouraged by a friend who told me I "out to publish" my writings on the HSP trait. I don't think she fully appreciated the scale of the "research project" that would be associated with gathering everything in one place... but her encouragement was enough for me to at least make an attempt.

I am going to use this post for links to my writing about the HSP trait... which I have decided to publish previously unfinished work through the "hubpages" web site, because it allows people to view without needing to "sign up" for anything. I'll also be adding links to writing in other places. I hope you'll stop by and read, and perhaps leave me a comment.

The Highly Sensitive Person: An Introduction
HSP Topics: The Challenge of Friendships

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