Friday, April 02, 2021

Just Because You WANT it Doesn't Make it TRUE!

Some things come to me as fairly clear ideas, but are not easy to explain, all the same.

Sometimes HSP's seem to run into some trouble because there is a big difference between having philosophical leanings and actually having a genetic trait. What I mean to say is that simply "feeling very sensitive" is a different thing from actually being hard wired to be highly sensitive .

People ascribe certain attributes to the trait of High Sensitivity. One of the things I wanted to touch on here, is the fact that a lot of people who attribute these characteristics to HSP's are — in fact —  not HSP's themselves .

One of the common sources for unusual dichotomies and misinformed thinking is the field of metaphysics. People claim that they're "highly sensitive" because they enjoy talking to trees and have lots of healing crystals in their personal space and perhaps possess certain extrasensory gifts.

What I was hoping to clarify in this particular situation is that indeed there are lots of HSP's who enjoy crystals and talking to trees and are into metaphysics, however whereas there might be a correlation, such apparent "sensitivities" are not necessarily an indicator of being an HSP, in the scientific context Elaine Aron defined. 

Let's face it, there are also lots of people who enjoy crystals and metaphysics and astrology who have nothing to do with being a Highly Sensitive Person.

Understand that the trait of high sensitivity is a genetic trait not something you can just choose one day because of an interest, nor is it even something you can become

You either are, or you're not. 

Lest this all sounds a bit IN-sensitive, keep in mind that when you are trying to live an authentic life, you gain nothing by pretending to be something you are not... however interesting or alluring that "something" might be!

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